• Do you ship internationally?

    Some international shipping can be accommodated. We are currently developing our international shipping program. Make sure to sign up for updates so you’ll be the first to know when our international shipping program goes live.
  • How do I get free shipping?

    Great question! We give every customer free shipping with orders of $50 or more, no code is needed. Once you reach $50 or more, the discount will be automatically added to your cart. Are you just shy of that amount? We suggest you try a new essential oil.
  • How long before my order arrives?

    Based on the Shipping Speed you selected, your order will be delivered in it's window. Standard Shipping takes between 5-7 Business Days. Sometimes you won’t see your order on Standard Shipping has been shipped until just a few days before it’s maximum time of 7 days, but rest assured we’ll ship...
  • How much is shipping?

    Our shipping fees are flat-rate meaning they will be the same price no matter where it is shipped to and the pricing is as follows: Standard Shipping (5-7 Business Days): $4.95 We do also offer free Standard shipping on all orders totaling over $50 after any discounts are applied.
  • I ordered multiple packages, but only see one tracking number in my account.

    Multiple items are sometimes split into different packages in order to ship more efficiently. Because of this, sometimes only one tracking number will appear in your shipping confirmation email or Beachwood Essentials account. Not to worry! Contact Customer Service via chat, call 1 727-788-4297, ...
  • Where can I find my tracking information?

    Your tracking information can be found in two places: When your Beachwood Essential products ship, you will receive a confirmation email detailing your order and providing a link to View Your Order. That link will take you to a page on the Beachwood Essentials website that will show you the item...